Allu Arjun’s personality is clearly evident in Pushpa films

Amid the buzz about Pushpa 2’s release, Allu Arjun’s wild beard and hairstyle have been spotted in recent photos. Meanwhile, the actor’s weight and beard length have been noted in the movie’s posters. The wild looks of the actors have been mocked on social media, with some jokingly calling Allu Arjun ‘Vada Pav’ and ‘Mota Bhai’.

The actor turns 40 today, riding high on the success of Pushpa: The Rise, which has raked in Rs 40 crores in the Bollywood industry. The film also made the actor a household name in India, and there’s no doubt that without the help of streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video, the movie wouldn’t have maintained such high box office numbers. In fact, the film even featured the star’s wife and two children lazydadreviews!

Some scenes in the film were memorable, such as a scene where Pushpa’s mother runs after her after she’s run away on her bicycle. Then, in another scene, the bicycle is gone, and the mother is once again chasing after her daughter naamagazines. The entire scene was a memorable one. Allu Arjun’s personality is clearly evident in his films. In Pushpa: The Rise, he has broken every South Cinema record. Every aspect, song, and moment of the film has been appreciated by critics and audiences. nobkin 

While the film’s title is still unknown, we do know that Arjun is making another action-thriller. In a recent interview, Y Ravi Shankar clarified rumours that Rashmika Mandanna will play the lead role of Srivalli in the sequel opcritic. But we can only speculate what it is! We’ll see soon, but until then, these rumours will remain a mystery !

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