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Some songs are great for their melodies Applecharltonmacrumors, but what about their lyrics? Some have hidden messages, while others are just plain good. We’ve all heard a song we thought meant something else when we first heard it. Some of the most famous songs have lyrics that speak volumes. Here are a few to consider. They will inspire you to find your own meaning. These songs aren’t just about the sex or the beauty of the music.

Zeppelin’s music is a great example of pure poetry. The words of “Poker Face” are filled with sexual innuendos and deep meanings. Although not strictly about this world, the lyrics are a great guide to life. They tell you what to think about, and how to feel in a particular situation. While some songs may be more upbeat, others can be very dark and bleak.

Another great song with deep lyrics is ‘American Pie’ by McClean. Despite its title, this song isn’t about a virgin. Instead, it’s about a failed relationship. The lyrics aren’t about the woman, but are a personal reflection of the author’s feelings at the time. Neil Young’s lyrics, like those of Bob Dylan, are heartfelt and honest.

While writing a song, the most important quality of a good lyric is authenticity. The writer should write it as if he or she were talking to a small group of people. Then, write your lyrics as if you’re talking to your own friends or family. Authenticity will make them stand out in a crowd. You’ll never go wrong with this approach.

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