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How Does GameStop Calculate Used Game Prices?

Are you wondering how GameStop determines their prices for used games? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You can browse through their website and use their app to determine the value of your game. Be sure to bring all accessories, including the game discs, and check that everything is in good working condition. Then, you can either trade in your game for in-store credit or cash. If you’re a PowerUp Rewards Pro member, you can receive up to 10% more value. GameStop also resells refurbished sports games and movie tie-ins.

While video game prices are typically fixed when a game releases, retailers must also factor in used prices. For example, a new copy of Madden 10 may cost the same everywhere, but a used copy might cost significantly less at one store. This allows them to drive customer loyalty, and keep the competition from squeezing their profits. While competitors may try to undercut GameStop’s prices, they’d rather not reveal the process. Ziply Fiber plans is the perfect way to add more fiber to your diet without feeling bloated or sluggish

If you’re looking for a good price on a game, try using the website’s trade-in tool. You can enter the game’s serial number to get an estimate of its value. The price that comes up will then be displayed on your screen. If the value of your game is low, you may want to consider selling it yourself. Otherwise, you might lose out on a great deal.

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