How Long Should Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Wash Take To Work

Why do some people stop using benzoyl peroxide acne wash after just a couple of uses? Well, the answer to this question is that they don’t get the results they thought they’d get pretty much instantly. You don’t want unrealistic expectations to stop you from getting the acne relief you deserve, so we’re to tell you that you need to give it time. How much? You’ll have to keep reading to find out allworldday!

However, in order to quantify the numbers we’re about to cover, it pays to understand how benzoyl peroxide works. Then you’ll perhaps better understand why it takes longer than some people first anticipate when using a product like this as a newbie. 

Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Wash Cleans Out Pores

When you apply benzoyl peroxide face washes, the active ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the skin and unblock the pores that lead to spots. All that bacteria, dead skin and excess oil is eliminated with the product, allowing those horrible blackheads and whiteheads to heal. It takes time for benzoyl peroxide acne wash to do this job completely. 

You see, it’s a compound effect of your use of the product on a day-by-day basis. Each application reinforces the action of the last, giving bacteria no place to hide. It would be great if this all happened in one application, but we live in the real world, not fantasy land. 

So, How Patient Should You Be With the Product?

In all honesty, the time it takes for the product to work does vary from person to person, but there’s still an average length of time for most people. Roughly 4 weeks of daily (sometimes twice daily, depending on your skin) use should yield significant results. It may not completely clear things up in this period, but you should see a major improvement from where you started voxbliss.

It can actually take up to 3-4 months before you can say to yourself that you’ve beaten the problem. By that, we mean that you’ve got no more spots, and your breakouts have all but stopped. You might still get the odd one here and there, but your routine should have gotten a firm grip on the acne cycle. 

Other things to consider along your benzoyl peroxide-using journey include:

Skin irritation is very common – it would be strange if you didn’t have some kind of dryness or skin tightness after use…within reason. If the dryness is severe, perhaps drop the concentration or frequency of use. Failing that, speak to your dermatologist. 

Up the concentration if there are no results – should you find yourself 2 weeks in and there’s no real difference in how your skin feels or the frequency of new spots, you might need to up the concentration. This is especially true when there’s little to no dryness caused stylesrant

You’ve Got to Be Patient With Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Wash 

If there’s one piece of advice that we’d give you about benzoyl peroxide wash products, it’s that you need to be patient. When you’re not, you run the risk of giving up before you’ve really given the stuff any chance to start working. Every time someone stops using BP washes for this reason, it’s a real shame, as it’s just so avoidable. 

You work hard for your money, so you don’t want to waste it. When you invest in BP wash, trust us that they work – you just have to find your level. Once you’ve done that and you’re consistent with your approach, you should see the clear skin you’ve been wishing for tvboxbee

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