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The Power Hour is a weekly wake-up call Idfagrahamcnbc movie and music fan. The best way to get ready for the day is to tune in to this channel every Thursday at 6:00am PT (10:00a.m. ET). This channel features interviews with top TV, movie and music stars as well as special 1-on-1 interviews with them about their favorite shows, actors and actresses. Check out this amazing list of Gold Star Operatives and other top actors who have made an impact on our world today.

The Great America Revues

One of the best things about The Great America revues is the celebrity guests. Hall of Famers like Kevin Costner, Harry Maguire, Will Smith and more come to entertain at the behest of the audience. The celebrities also help promote the event by taking questions from the audience and answering their questions on social media. This makes the Great America Revues even more unique as each show features an original musical score. From classic “How the West Was Won” to modern “Gladiator,” the Great America Revues feature unforgettable music that easily earns the program an 8 out of 10.

## The Hollywood Highlight Show

Who doesn’t love a celebrity show? From the famous to the not-so-famous, The Hollywood Highlight Show is a trail of celebrity faces you’ll want to see again and again. This is another one of those “what’s this?” type of questions that can be answered on the show. What makes The Hollywood Highlight Show so great is the incredible talents of its host, Vinnie Paul. A true writer and an expert on his fields, Vinnie can often incorporate his own ideas and parodies into the program but doesn’t shy away from talking about what he loves and what he doesn’t. Read his thoughts on “X-Men” and “The Dark Knight” and what the future of cinema has in store for him.

## Will Smith in “The Sum of All Fears”

Will Smith in “The Sum of All Fears” is the ultimate Hollywood celebrity. He’s in it for the big bucks, he spends his free time in the Goldbergs, and he can talk about anything! The perfect host to add to this list, Will is hilarious, insightful, and knows his stuff. He can talk about everything from popular TV shows to his favorite books and his favorite NBA players. This “will” be a classic in the world of Hollywood, as it is destined to become one of the all-time classics. Read his thoughts on his role in “The Lion King,” his assist for Phil Collins in “The Kool and the Schizophrenic,” and his engagement to Princess Tala.

## “Halloween” Horror Movie

This classic is one of the most iconic movies of all time. It is also one of the most iconic serials of all time. If you haven’t seen “Halloween” since it was released in 1978, you’re missing out. It’s still a classic on every level. If you’re looking for a scary film, this is the one for you. The film follows a group of teens who are invited to a spooky house party at the behest of their school. The walls are painted scary, the music is driving, and the atmosphere is spooky. This one will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

## Isler, Jumanji and More!

Isler, Jumanji and More! also knows how to capitalize on theweenie phenomenon. This season, the producers and stars of “The Wizard of Oz” are teaming up with author J.K. Rowling in this magical, fantastical novel. The story takes place almost exactly 50 years before the events of “The Wizard” and the “Hansa” are center stage. This season of “Isler, Jumanji and More!” follows the same format as the “Wizard of Oz” seasons. The producers and stars of “Isler, Jumanji and More!” visit a little bit of every country in the world and perform in their native tongue, usually in a traditional setting. We also get a rare look at Moses and the Ten Commandments.

## Ewan MacGregor and the Game Face Players of “Battlestar Galactica”

This is another classic series that is destined to be a classic. It follows a team of British journalists who cover the history of the U.K. in a series chronicling the “Battlestar Galactica” series. Ewan and Gladys Lane, his British manager, are the luckiest pair of reporters in the world. They have their own bureau in Barcelona, Spain and are accompanied by their best-Lane companion, Gladys, played by Sienna Guirn. Always brilliant in her roles, Sienna is the perfect character to represent the British press in this series.

## The Hot 100 of 2016

This is the most anticipated show of the year, and it isn’t even that far off. In fact, it is so close to the calendar and is being so strongly marketed that it is almost invisible. This is the 100th episode of “The Real” and it will air at 7:00pm ET on HBO. It features the U.K.’s Most Beautiful and Most Infamous, Samantha Bee, as well as her American co-host, Thomas Middleditch. From the first moment you see her, you know she is going to be incredible, and she is. The second half of this season is nothing less than a war of words between these two. This may be the most-discussed and discussed season of television this year.

## Does anyone else want to see Captain Marvel?

This season of “The Real” is all about the film “The Lion King” and the story it tells. It follows the Disney Renaissance, as the studio audience is given a behind-the-scenes look at how “The Lion King” was made. Every camera, frame, andminutes are made to be remembered. It is perhaps the most searing view of the studio system and its practitioners in the modern era. “The Real” also features an appearance by Ewan McGregor as a studio production manager.

## Black Panther: What’s next for the Science Fiction Hero?

The Black Panther star/director/producer Ryan Cooger returns to the series to promote his upcoming film “The Division,” which is set to be released in theaters on October 7, 2016. This is Cooger’s second collaboration with author Limmy, who penned the books for the series and is one of the main figures behind the Black Panther movie. Limmy also stars in the film as a talent whose career will be forever altered when he appears in “The Division.”

## The Revival of Classic Show like “The Twilight Zone” and “That Thing You See In The Movies” Is Needed Now

This season of “The Real” is all about the classic CBS show “The Twilight Zone,” and it is perhaps its final hurrah. As the host and executive producer of the series, Cooger returns to the couch, this time as the reviewing duo. He and his team of researchers, technicians and record techs are there to provide insight and criticism during this most intense phase of the show’s life cycle. The old show is now nothing more than a legend, as its final days are witnessed with awe and respect.

## Does anyone else want to see Captain Marvel?

This year’s season of “The Real” takes the viewers behind the camera as the hosts Daniel Dbayon and Conor McLean look back at the most iconic images of the cast and crew of “The Real” on the grandest of stages. The past two seasons of “The Real” were historic in the amount of behind-the-scenes secrets revealed and the pressures that were put on these hosts to bring them to life. With the series ending in May of this year, it’s time for these hosts to rest and enjoy the

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