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If you’re not sure what to put in your Stories Seriesburnstechcrunch, check out these tips. You can mention another account and include their handle in your story. You can tag up to 10 specific handles in your story. Make sure your text is centered and does not stretch the screen. If your text stretches the screen, it might be cut off. Also, be aware that Instagram automatically adds information about you and the date of your Story.

Another great use for Instagram Stories is to build community and encourage customer interaction. Showing your audience that you care about their experience is a great way to establish trust and build trust. Posts with comments, stickers, and GIFs can help establish a personal connection between your audience and your brand. Also, reactions sliders and countdown stickers can increase engagement rates. Use this opportunity to promote sales, competitions, and other announcements.

Lastly, use Instagram Stories to highlight your loyal customers. Stories are a great opportunity to highlight customer testimonials, new products, and big orders. You can even use stories to tell your audience about fun times and events. And don’t forget to use stickers to engage your followers. If you can’t think of anything to put in your Story, try asking a question. This will help you get real-time insights and build trust with your audience.

Another useful feature of Instagram stories is the poll feature. The poll feature allows you to poll your audience. This is a great way to get audience feedback or to do some user research. For example, Leadpages asked their audience to vote on whether or not a team member should save a customer. In addition to polling, it is also a fun way to collect information. If your audience likes polls, why not try it?

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