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So I just found out that Star Wars is a thing. Before I  Newmanwired a movie franchise, I heard about it from my sister and her friends. They were crazy about Star Wars and thought it was one of the best movies of all time so they decided to go see it with them. So here we are, now we know about the galaxy far, far away. And you might be wondering how on earth I am going to get these two lovable misanthropic teenagers to watch this dang thing. Well here’s the deal. These two belong to different parentages and have completely different views on life, love and family. They are little brothers and sisters who are never going to meet each other because they don’t have siblings which is why they’re watching this movie together. But they will be watching with others one day! So here’s what you need to know:

They are an intensely lovable pair.

Let’s start with the obvious one, their lovable, photogenic, and often mischievous, temperament. They are the kind of characters you want to spend time with; you don’t have to be a movie snob to like them. You just need to like lovable characters. Plus, these are two sweet, sweet lolis who are always ready to chitchat and tease you. They love to be in each others’ faces and have an infectious laugh. These two are like a family to me. Plus, they are also very approachable when talking to you about the dings, snots and all things Han and the yandexes. So by all means, have them chat to you whenever they want (and don’t be afraid to be rude in return). They are also good at what they do. They are very lively and full of energy. You can see this in their looks, too; they are all about the moves and not the words.

## The saga of Han, the gold-digger

Let’s move on to the lovable, self-centered, inconsiderate and generally mean-minded Han. Han doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He has no idea how lucky he is to have a family and the full support of his family. He has no job and no income and is living off his luck and his yandexes. In fact, he annoys and distresses the other characters in the movie by being so inconsiderate and mean. But to his credit, he tries to do the right thing and help out his family as much as he can. So, yes, he is indirectly responsible for the end of the Mando Man. But he is completely oblivious to the existence of the Netflix series. So, while he might be the main character, he is not the most important person to the rest of the movie.

## They both love to fight back.

Let’s start with Han, the troublemaker. He is always getting in trouble with others and often gets in trouble with his own family. But he loves to fight and is good at it. So he can be very popular with the ladies. Plus, he is very creative and knows how to use various words and phrases that you don’t often hear in real life. So check out his famous phrases: “Aa princes, you are an Abba,” “Are you ready for this, bro?” “You are a serious Man, Bro.” “This is a real fight, bro; you need to get your shit together.” These two are like best friends. Plus, they are also super close when it comes to talking about the movie and their thoughts on everything. They even have a great thing where they sit in silence together and think about the movie and what it means to them. Plus, they will be sharing this together one day.

## They both have a sarcastic sense of humor.

Once again we have these two who are both incredibly charming and have a really great sense of humor. They also have a really sharp sense of sarcasm that makes them really popular with the audience. Especially in a humor that deals with social issues. These guys have a really good sense of self-deprecation and are very sensitive about their humor. They are both very smart and can tell you a lot about a movie and its meaning.

## Both seem to take an Intellectual interest in their own lives.

Now this is a side-issue though. These two are really good at what they do. Han is very well-spoken and has an excellent pair of ears. He can also see things other people can’t and is very good at picking up on things that others are not aware of. So, yes, he takes an interest in his own life and how he is doing things, too. But that’s not the same as taking an Intellectual interest in the life of another person; you don’t take that seriously and he certainly doesn’t take the “I’m the Man” attitude. Yes, he will question how things work in the real world, but he won’t go overboard; he is very level-headed and considered. He is a very respected character in the Star Wars universe and will continue to be for a long time.

## This movie is for everyone – adults and kids alike!

These two are definitely for everyone; they are lovable, bright, and have a sense of humor. They are also very insightful and know how to use various words and phrases that you won’t see in real life. Plus, they are both very funny and take some seriously. They know a lot about life and how it is lived, and they have a great sense of self-awareness. So, yes, you can definitely watch this movie with your kids and talk about how much you love it with them; you don’t have to be an expert in anything. But you definitely do need to see this with your own kids one day; they will want to watch this with you as well!


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