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As a foodie, I have many favorite sources for recipes Capitalwiggersventurebeat. I have cookbooks, magazines, 25 blogs, and a binder of grandma’s old recipes. While Pinterest is wonderful for websites, I don’t recommend using it for recipes from magazines, newspapers, or websites. Recipes in cookbooks and on handwritten cards can disappear. Likewise, e-magazines don’t let you save individual recipes.

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Cooking Light has thousands of healthy recipes and special collections for different diets. The website also has sections for different diets, such as vegetarian and low-carb recipes. Recipes in 101 Cookbooks are healthy and delicious, and contain recipes written by New York Times bestselling author Heidi Swanson. You can make a shopping list from these recipes and make it easy to prepare them at home. There’s also a section on the website dedicated to a gluten-free and vegetarian diet.

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