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2014 (USA) – 8.5 / 10 Actors: Mark Capitaleconomictimes, Tessa Thompson, Adam Driver, Ansel Elsom Director: Evan Goldberg Writers: Larry Hama, Evan Goldberg & Mark Wahlberg A former Navy Seal who found solace in a life of crime-fighting and ended up working for the government as a bounty hunter has come to terms with things after his plane was shot down. Now he lives with his estranged wife and son, but also keeps tabs on people who threaten the military, law enforcement officers and anyone else involved in the public image of the U.S.A. But what he finds is more than just a broken home… It’s also become a place where DDoS attacks are waged from without end. And now this ex-military man has to find ways to keep himself safe from those who would do him harm – even if that means going through the revolving doors of an offshore oil rig.

A Good Man Goes to Hell

The first half of this movie follows a group of high-achieving seniors at a Jesuit school who find themselves in the business of recruiting and traveling around the world helping those who have been repressing their identities. As with all of the movies Phoebe and her friends have seen, there is humour, action, and fantasy built into this tale of closeted gay men who find solace in their work. But there is one difference this time around: in these men, there is also redemption. All of the fun and games of the school life are replaced by an eye-opening look at the struggles of two people who were never really meant to be one thing: a couple. And what’s more, the movie also stars Phoebe’s older brother, Will, who you might recognize from TV’s Parks and Recreation.

The Debt

This one is definitely for the history books, followed closely by The Triumph of Good. Both movies are based on true events, and each follows a different group of investors who find themselves financially backing a group of wrongdoers. Like The Debt, The Triumph of Good has a very dark sense of humour, showcasing the cruelty and bumbling antics of financial institutions that support wrongdoers. But unlike The Debt, there is also a sense of hope and redemption in this tale of two young people who find themselves in tough times, and who learn that it is okay to fall in love and be happy.


This picture is perhaps the most talked about new film of the year, having grossed over $100 million at the box office. Based on a novel by Paul Auster, this American 1969 film follows a made-for-TV biopic about the photographer who became one of the most iconic and respected figures of modern photography. Afterward, he turned his lens on the world, enabling mankind to create incredible new works, from the no-ientertainment to the Internet. But his legacy lives on in this film, which charts how his images found an audience both before and after their availability on the Internet. In the process, it also discusses the way that the Internet is changing photography, as well as the ways in which it has revolutionized the way that we view artistic works.


This movie stars Will Smith as a college drop-out who turns to drugs to deal with his thoughts and problems. While many will probably see this as a comedy, it is based on a story about a man who is both physically and mentally challenged, and who uses his medications to make life as difficult as possible for others. The film is much darker than the title suggests, and tells of a man who wakes up one day in a mental hospital, and who knows that he has contracted a mental illness. As with most stories of mental illness, there is hope, as well as a quest for knowledge, and of a man who discovers that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

A Star Is Born

This classic film tells the true story of how Adele Gammill found success in the music industry, and how she found the love of her life, Britney Spears. Adele made her Broadway debut in this movie, where she stars as a struggling rocker who finds solace in the company of her rocker pal John Leonard. Adele also stars as a musician who ends up recording an album with a famous artist, in this tale about how a sound can change someone’s life. While many will see Adele as the lead star of this picture, her pal John is one of the most interesting characters. He is an artist who turned to drugs to cope with his lonely existance, and who comes to find Adele in the desert.

What’s Yours Has to Be Mine?

This is an incredibly emotional and moving picture, based on the true story of an American couple who fall in love and have children while working as part of a sex trafficking organization. The film is based on the true story of 68-year-old Kathryn Mayorga and her husband, Earl, who found their love while working as a team in the anti- sex trafficking campaign. Like many, Mayorga is a published author who has spent the past 50 years writing about her experience in life as a sex trafficker. Her husband, also a sex trafficker, is also a writer who has chronicled his own experiences in the book What’s Yours Has to Be Mine?.

#Brokeback Mountain

This is the true story of a pair of mountain guides who top-notch their trade but find themselves in over their heads when a prominent author publishes a novel about their profession.The film follows two guiding pairs as they navigate a time when it is not only acceptable but wanted to be seen as lovers, in this tale about two people who discover that the barrier between man and wife is high.

12 Years a Slave

This is one of those movies that everyone will see and then forget about, but the story that unfolds in this movie will remain in the minds of all who see it. 12 Years a Slave follows a family that has just as much to do with as it has to do with slavery as it does about the Jim Crow race system. The film follows a young boy as he grows up in a household where being black is recognized as a vice, and where being white is treated as a basic right. When he is old enough, he finds his own fortune, but also finds friends and a community who tell him that he did not do anything wrong.

American Hustle or Vice versa?

This is a film about the film industry, a largely segregated industry where color does not matter, as long as you are a white man. The film follows two marketing executives whose business is to knock down walls and unveil the hidden beauty within. Americans watch American Hustle or Vice versa for the first time because of this film, which tells the story of two black executives who are whisked away by a Wall Street loan and whisked into the lucrative world of investment.

What’s Yours Has to Be Mine?

This is the story of a couple whose relationship is tested when one of them has a bacterial infection. Their drama is reflected in This Is Yours To Be Mine, which follows a couple whose marriage comes unstuck when one of them has a serious illness. The film is based on the true story of a couple whose marriage breaks down when one of them has a serious illness. The movie is about their struggle to overcome the disease, and is also about the bond that grows between husband and wife as they work together through their illness.

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