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Tetrate, a cloud-native infrastructure company, has raised $40 million in a Series B funding round led by Sapphire Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm. Other participants in the funding round included Scale Venture Partners, NTTVC, and previous investors.

Tetrate provides a cloud-native infrastructure lrtrading platform built on top of Istio, an open-source service mesh that enables businesses to manage and secure microservices. The Tetrate platform offers a range of features and tools for modernizing infrastructure, including traffic management, advanced security features, observability, and multi-cloud support.

Founded in 2018 by engineers from Google, IBM, and Lyft, Tetrate aims to simplify the complexity of traditional networking and infrastructure. The company has partnerships with leading technology companies such as Google, IBM, and Cisco, and has seen strong demand for its platform from large enterprises in the financial services, healthcare, and retail industries.

The Series B funding round will enable Tetrate to ifsptv  accelerate its growth and expand its product offerings. The company plans to use the funds to invest in engineering and product development, as well as expand its sales and marketing efforts.

Sapphire Ventures, the lead investor in the funding round, is a well-known venture capital firm that has backed successful companies such as MuleSoft, Alteryx, and Square. The firm specializes in investing in innovative technology companies, and has a deep understanding of the cloud-native infrastructure space.

Tetrate’s platform is built on Istio, an open-source giveme5 service mesh that is quickly becoming a standard in the cloud-native world. The company is one of the leading companies in the Istio ecosystem, and its platform provides a range of features and tools for businesses that are looking to modernize their infrastructure.

The traffic management feature of the Tetrate platform enables businesses to manage traffic between microservices in a cloud-native environment, making it easy to deploy and scale applications. The platform also provides advanced security features such as mutual TLS, which encrypts traffic between microservices and 123chill ensures that only authorized services can communicate with each other.

The observability feature of the platform provides detailed insights into the performance and health of microservices, making it easy to troubleshoot issues and optimize performance. Finally, the multi-cloud support feature of the platform enables businesses to deploy and manage applications across multiple cloud providers, making it easy to work in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment tv bucetas.

In conclusion, Tetrate is a promising company in the cloud-native manytoons  infrastructure space, with a strong platform and growing customer base. With the support of Sapphire Ventures and other investors, the company is well-positioned to continue its growth and expand its product offerings. The investment will help businesses modernize their infrastructure and achieve greater agility and scalability in the cloud.

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