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What is the Role of Google in Social Media Marketing?

The role of Google in Social Media Marketing is largely a mystery to the general public. While Google led people to believe that social media activity affected their SEO, it changed its mind after several years. It now tracks link weight from Facebook fan pages, personal walls, and shared links. It then uses that information to determine a link’s weight, which is based on authorship. But how does Google use this information?

It has been reported that Google+ has overtaken Twitter as the second largest social network. This has been a major step in the right direction for marketers, as it has been embraced by larger brands and is now available in the natural listings of Google. Although it was originally developed to serve as a social media network to promote search rankings, it has also interconnected with news daily india other Google services and grown in popularity. Its users have also increased, with over 359 million monthly active users, according to Google. techonefive.com easybuzz.info worldnewsday.info dress-market.com travelsguide.org whathowbuzz Blogs for Industry News & Trends Daily. biographywiki Celebryty Biography of Famous Personalities

Another important factor in social media is Google’s ability to increase the reach of posts. While Facebook and other social media networks have a low reach, Google+ has the potential to improve the reach of a business. As a result, it can boost SEO efforts. In addition, the authorship tag is linked to a user’s Google+ account. This creates a segmentation tool for a business’s social media page.

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