What Recipes Should You Know Before Cooking Indian Food?

Many people have the impression that Indian food is difficult, time-consuming, and overly rich. In reality, most Indian cuisine is colorful, varied, and a balance of lighter fare and heavier indulgences. While the culinary techniques of Indian cooking aren’t rocket science, it helps to have some basic knowledge. Despite its vast geography, Indian cuisine is widely regional and varies by region. Listed below are some basic recipes for Indian food.

Dosa is a classic South Indian dish. Literally meaning “upside-down,” this dish is made with cauliflower and potatoes, and traditionally served with spices. This dish is fermented, so it gets its signature yellow color from cumin seeds and spices. This dish is often served with roti, a traditional flatbread. For the perfect meal, make sure you use the right ingredients.

Adding water is necessary to cook the protein in a dish. It also helps thicken the gravy. But remember to add just enough water to cover the food, as too much water will destroy the flavour. Indian cooking is a stage-wise process. Each stage involves finishing the previous one. A few key spices that are important to Indian cooking are listed below. A list of these spices can help you prepare delicious and nutritious Indian meals.

Spices are another intimidating aspect of Indian cooking. There are many different kinds of spices, so stocking your pantry with the basics is a good idea. Then you can add supplementary spices as you go along. To avoid buying unnecessary spices, you should start by toasting spices first. This way, they’ll have an even greater impact on the flavor of the dish. You can add more spices later, but remember that whole spices are always better for Indian dishes than ground ones.

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