Why Has Food Poisoning Increased Over Time?

There are several reasons why the number of cases of food poisoning has risen in recent years, including changes in diet and lifestyle. As a result, more children are now exposed to a wider variety of pathogens than in previous generations. Families now eat out more frequently and children receive more community care. Among the reasons for this rise in illnesses is an aging population. In addition, many older people have lower immunity and are more susceptible to illness.


Experts blame a number of factors, including the introduction of new regulations and increased awareness of food safety practices. Bacteria found in food, including meat, poultry, and produce, are responsible for most cases of food poisoning. Foods contaminated with these bacteria have higher risks for foodborne illnesses because they can cause a range of illnesses. Foodborne illnesses can also be caused by improper handling of foods, and even the smallest amount of spoiled mayonnaise can make a person violently ill.Read More About: blastace

Studies show that the number of food-borne illnesses has risen significantly over the past decade. According to the CDC, about 48 million Americans suffer from food poisoning each year – 15 percent of the population – and only a few of these illnesses lead to hospitalisation. According to OzFoodNet, the number of food-borne illness outbreaks linked to restaurants has increased by more than three-quarters since 2001. In fact, there have been more cases of food-borne illness than at any other time in the past decade.

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