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‍I made a promise to myself that I’d not only end my days as a writer Azevedotechcrunch, but also ensure that I lived mine with a smile on my face. It was no secret that throughout my adult life, I had been interested in literature. As much as I loved school, and I’m sure many students do still read today, it was only when I stumbled across the word “Iaimini” (meaning ‘in the heart of God’) that everything changed.

In honour of Iaimini

On the day I turned 18, I was presented with the unusual honour of being granted the right to choose which books I would be made a member of the Australian Catholic Commission for the Arts. At the time, I was a 17-year-old Catholic High School student and I was absolutely envious of my fellow students. There was something comforting about having this opportunity to choose who I would become involved with and with whom I would develop a lifelong relationship. When I was offered the position of Creative Director for the Australian Catholic Commission for the Arts, it was the perfect time to reflect on my life, my choices and the opportunities that have been given to me through this opportunity.

I still like to read

As a young man, I was interested in reading a great deal. I read a lot of history, a little of current events, and a lot of classics. I think reading is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, as well as learn new skills. When I began to write, I soon realized that I loved the process of writing. Even though I was only in my teens at the time, I felt as though I was already a published author. As time went on, I became more interested in the process of publication, and the books I wrote. I would often think to myself, “What a great opportunity this has given me! I could have been in the publishing industry my whole life.”

I’m a little nervous at the beginning …

When I was first introduced to the publishing world, it was amazing. The first thing I realized was how naive I was. There were so many amazing opportunities, and so little time. Even though I had the opportunity to participate in the Thessaloniki Codex, a collection of some of the most significant Catholic writers, at the age of 26, it was little things that I took that actually made me stand out. My first novel, “The Widow of the World”, was published in 1979. To this day, I cling to my first novel as a particularly motivating possession. While I am very much a contemporary novelist, I always rely on the classicism of “The Widow of the World” as my central character. While other contemporary authors would create a completely different type of character, I always feel something familiar in the person of my protagonist, even though he is 100% contemporary.

Go on, have some fun with it

In high school, I was a meatball sub. My friends and I would go to a lot of parties, and one of the things we always did was go to strip-clubs. One of the regular activities was strip-tour, and for the most part, I was too stupid to do anything about it. However, one night, as I was leaving a club, I heard a noise behind me. It was my friend John, who was trying to get into the VIP section. As we were jogging away from the club, I heard a voice say, “What the fuck are you doing?” As it turns out, my friend John was in the crowd at the exact moment that I was leaving the club. As we our away from the club, he yells out, “We need to go home!” This almost-party incident helped me realize that I really was in the wrong for choosing to become a priest. It was a wake-up call and a serious turn-around in my life. As a result, I soon discovered that the party lifestyle was nothing but trouble. While I had always loved a good party, the club lifestyle had become all too familiar to me, and I began to realize that I really needed to change my ways.

What is Iaimini?

As I grew older, I began to realize that the word Iaimini (meaning ‘in the heart of God’) actually referred to the sacrifice of Jesus, his passion and his cross. In a nutshell, it presented me with a new vision of my life, one that I will cherish for years to come. As a result, the word became very synonymous with sacrifice. The word became associated with charity, which I always felt was a very positive and meaningful way to live. In many ways, it even became synonymous with peace and love.

With words in my heart, I’ll never forget it

I often think about the words that I have in my heart, and the things that I will never forget. My heart is a beautiful thing, filled with answers and hope. In many ways, my heart is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whenever I feel like I’ve reached a crisis in my life, then my heart is there to help me through it. It will not go away, and it will not be lost. It is a source of strength and inspiration. When I find myself going into a rut in my life, it is often because I have lost sight of my heart and its gentle rays of hope.

Summing up

Writing is an incredible way to relax and unwind. It is an opportunity to test yourself and see if you are ready to take the next step. The world is full of challenges and challenges require determination, hard work and a positive attitude. You are never too old to read and you are never too old to be an artist. With a heart full of love and knowledge, you will be unstoppable.

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